Are you a Woman Business Owner who would like to create fabulous income in her business without overwhelm or overwork?

Are You:

  • Disheartened with the results you are getting in your business
  • Feel overwhelmed, overworked jumping from one marketing activity to another not knowing what is the best right step to take
  • Your list of things to do never seems to end
  • You are so focused on managing your energy with a lot to do that you are not sure how you will achieve your bigger financial dreams

Let me tell you. You are not alone, and it's not your fault. A lot of women have struggled with wanting to create abundance in their business without running out of energy.

If you have tried to implement masculine approaches to creating abundance in your business as a woman business owner, you may be tired and exhausted as you are not creating from your natural feminine strengths and rhythms.

You may have tried many different things and they haven't worked and you might be wondering well what is so different about what I am going to share.

First. Who am I and why should you even listen to me:

Years ago, I used to live in an inner city apartment, in a long distance relationship, making less money than my monthly expenses. My relationships were not working, my finances were not working and my career wasn't working.

When all of our ego attachments are gone, then we don't have a choice but to look for a deeper spiritual meaning in our challenges. I believe God doesn't take away something without opening a door to something else.

With my challenges ahead of me, I had no choice but to dig into spirituality. As my desperation with my circumstances grew and I started to seek the deeper meaning in my experiences, God opened up the doors to the world I didn't know existed. The world of my inner deeper wisdom!

That inner deeper, wiser self has now allowed me to:

  • Create a business I truly enjoy
  • Have a loving relationship with my family
  • And a great lifestyle

It wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the dark night of my soul.

Today, I live in a beautiful house with my husband and two sons working only 20 hours a week and having a thriving business that allows me to serve women all over the world. Here is a picture of me with my family (it's really hard to get my 12 year old in pictures now):

I teach women business owners how to create abundance in their business so that they too can experience and create what I have created in my life and business.

If you are overwhelmed with your business and your bigger financial dreams are taking a back seat I am asking you:

Would you like to change that?

  • Imagine how would it be like to meet your financial goals in your business consistently with ease?
  • How would it feel to have abundance of time to do the things that are important to you?
  • How would it be like to wake up having abundance of energy to live the life of your dreams and feeling grateful every day?

If you would like to create the above results, I am going to invite you to join me in my one day workshop where I help you resolve the 3 traps that keep women business owners stuck and frustrated. Resolving these 3 traps, will help you create spaciousness and abundance in your life that can allow you to:

  • Do the meaningful work you are here to do
  • Make a difference and also great income
  • Play and have fun and enjoy yourself
  • Have space of time in your life
  • And never guess if what you are doing is enough or not

The three areas we are going to dig deep into are:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Energy

In this workshop:

  • You will resolve your subconscious beliefs about money that may be keeping you stuck at an income level you don't like to be at.
  • For once and all you will make peace with your relationship with time, never guessing again if what you are doing is the best investment of your time or not.
  • Be in touch with your beautiful precious energy, inner authority that allows you to make decisions that are authentic to who you are instead of giving into external messages of what it means to be a woman in this time.

The Workshop takes place:

When: September 13 & 14th

Where: Vancouver, BC

The total value of the workshop including bonuses before July 13th: $791
Bonus 1: Recording of the Abundance in Business telesummit with some of them being Multi Six Figure Earners Value $97
Bonus 2: Recording of the Call on Clearing Money Clutter: Value $97

One of the biggest challenges I had before my retreat with Zahra was working very hard and continuously feeling like I could not get ahead. Since our business retreat things began to turn around for me immediately. More people are coming to me and paying me my asking prices instead of asking for discounts as they did prior to my work with Zahra. I feel like I am having a much more equal exchange of energy, my services for their money, and we are all happy about it! Last week I decided I wanted to have 12 people sign up for one of my raw vegan cuisine classes and today that 12th person signed up! I still have over 3 weeks to continue to fill the class to abundant capacity!! Not to mention I just found out last Friday that I won a recipe contest and won a 3 day 2 nights get away in Napa Valley. Since I signed up for Zahra's Program the money has already been showing up as if by making the commitment the Universe has opened up the doors of abundant flow to me.

I feel to invest in yourself is a vital part of creating a successful business in this day and age! In order to truly prosper in all areas of life we must shed the old limiting beliefs. It is a time for growth and change not hanging on to tradition and just doing what others tell us we "should" be doing. The exercises and guidance Zahra gives in her Abundant Business Retreat helped me discover aspects of my life I would not have even thought about exploring. I didn't even realize they had anything to do with why I was struggling to build my business.

With the guidance of Zahra, I am able to change the way I look at things so the things I look at change to the results I am really trying to achieve. The value of working with Zahra has been enormous so far. At this point, I cannot even perceive how valuable it has actually been as of yet. I can imagine that working with Zahra is the turning point to my exponential growth not only for my business but also for my growth on a personal level.

~ Andrea Lambert
Raw Vegan Cuisine
Therapeutic Massage
Phoenix, Arizona