What some of Zahra's clients are saying:

One of the biggest challenges I had before my retreat with Zahra was working very hard and continuously feeling like I could not get ahead. Since our V.I.P Retreat things began to turn around for me immediately. More people are coming to me and paying me my asking prices instead of asking for discounts as they did prior to my work with Zahra. I feel like I am having a much more equal exchange of energy, my services for their money, and we are all happy about it!.  Last week I decided I wanted to have 12 people sign up for one of my raw vegan cuisine classes and today that 12th person signed up! I still have over 3 weeks to continue to fill the class to abundant capacity!! Not to mention I just found out last Friday that I won a recipe contest and won a 3 day 2 night get away in Napa Valley. I’ve signed up for Zahra’s 4 months Platinum Program as well, and the money has already been showing up as if by making the commitment the Universe has opened up the doors of abundant flow to me.

I feel to invest in yourself is a vital part of creating a successful business in this day and age! In order to truly prosper in all areas of life we must shed the old limiting beliefs. It is a time for growth and change not hanging on to tradition and just doing what others tell us we “should” be doing. The exercises and guidance Zahra gives in her Abundant Money Retreat helped me discover aspects of my life I would not have even thought about exploring. I didn’t even realize they had anything to do with why I was struggling to build my business.

With the guidance of Zahra, as my business coach, I am able to change the way I look at things so the things I look at change to the results I am really trying to achieve. The value of working with Zahra has been enormous so far. At this point, I cannot even perceive how valuable it has actually been as of yet. I can imagine that working with Zahra is the turning point to my exponential growth not only for my business but also for my growth on a personal level.

~ Andrea Lambert
Raw Vegan Cuisine
Therapeutic Massage
Phoenix, Arizona

I've learned so much about abundance from your course, Zahra! Your guidance is a wonderful blend of being inspiring, provocative and vulnerable all at the same time. I have learned some new habits, gotten new perspectives in my thinking about myself, and brought new energy to my relationship with abundance. You are such a gracious, gentle and supportive teacher, and a wonderful example that the rest of us can follow in our own journey towards true abundance!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" -- and your message resonated with me so much that you must be the teacher I am ready for...I'm sure of it!"

~ Terri Zwierzynski
CEO of solo-E
Cary, North Carolina

Thank you Zahra for the life changing work we did together! When I started my home based business several years ago it was my plan to work part time. However, as time passed I found that I was actually working six days a week, between eight and eighteen hours a day. It was overwhelming and I had no idea of how to change things for the better. Then we were introduced and decided to work together.

I am happy to say that since our work together, I have been working the three days a week I wanted and spending the time I want with my family. What is really amazing though is that I’ve reduced my work time and yet I have tripled my income!

Throughout the entire coaching process you helped me to decide on which goals were the most important to pursue and often gave me creative ideas on how to accomplish them using inventive solutions that were easy to implement. You are a skilled and qualified coach and our work together has really helped me to obtain both the successful business and personal life that I wanted!

Susan L. Greig, Small Business
Vancouver, BC