Zahra Efan is the President of Zahra Efan Coaching Services. She has been practicing as a Business Success Coach in Vancouver for several years.

As a certified business coach, author and speaker, she specializes in supporting creative female entrepreneurs to create successful businesses. She helps them connect with their inner abundance and create outer results. She combines her background in marketing and sales with her intuition to guide her clients toward successful businesses and fulfilling lives.

Zahra has been published in Balance Life Magazine and Holistic Health Luminary. Zahra was interviewed on TV, speaking about the Law of Attraction, and the principles of gratitude. Zahra combines her knowledge of Law of Attraction to help her clients be in touch with their passionate inner feminine wisdom and create abundant lives and businesses.

Zahra has given many keynote speeches to women, encouraging them to create successful lives and businesses. Some of the workshops topics include, Create Your Destiny, Be the Success You Want to Create and Create Empowering Beliefs.

Zahra’s clients are located all over the world including Canada, Australia, and the United States. Zahra offers individual coaching, group coaching and keynote speeches to support female entrepreneurs in creating a successful business with ease, joy and abundance.



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