Reflections on International Women’s Day 2008

March 8th is International Women’s Day and I want all of us to affirm our commitment to our personal journey of self-love, healing, and health, so that we can create a collective energy for women all over the world to join hands to create a beautiful earth.

Women, a beautiful creation of God

In honour of International Women’s Day, I want to acknowledge women all over the world for their courage, beauty, brilliance, and for being who they are—simply women. Sometimes giving, sometimes compassionate, sometimes angry, sometimes just wanting to be accepted: women, a beautiful creation of God.

I feel touched that we have days likes this, but I wait for the day when women do not need a special day to treat ourselves well, because will treat ourselves well every day. I encourage women to honour their need for love, connection, and intimacy, so that they can give the best of themselves to others. Not a tired self, but the best—a happy self.

Women take on many roles

Historically, women have taken care of everyone’s needs. I respect our role as nurturers and caregivers of our children and communities. But I worry that when we care for others at the expense of ourselves, we do not serve anyone.

Modern women take on many roles. We are caregivers, mothers, career women, and everything else that is required of us.

With so much pressure on women today to achieve while still raising families, we are producers and nurturers at the same time. As a result, we do much with little support. Sometimes we need to produce, but that doesn’t mean we cannot also dream of being supported and taken care of.

Every woman is unique
Every woman is unique, and so is her journey. Some women need to be taken care of, and yet others yearn to shine their light and share their voice through their work. We need to find out where we are in our journey so that we can honour our needs.

We must listen to our feminine wisdom. Sometimes we are required to work so hard that we don’t have time to listen. Feminine wisdom comes from being quiet, meditating, and taking time to slow down to listen to our soul’s voice.

We have learned that it isn’t safe to be feminine, and we have adapted to our masculine energy at the expense of our feminine energy. We are doing too much for our fragile and fun-loving nature, and are losing touch with our divine intuitive side.

Working from our feminine essence

No matter our path, be it running a business or raising a family, we can accomplish everything from our feminine essence. In fact, when we conduct our business from our feminine essence, we are more successful with less effort. Women are naturally good at building relationships, and business requires people who care about nurturing relationships. Women use their intuition to help others find solutions to their problems. An individual’s intuitive side is often the side of God and spirit, and we as women are gifted with this in abundance.

Women are meant to have fun, dream, and use our intuition. There is little time to be quiet and listen to our intuition when we are so busy. Not to mention the media, which constantly demands perfection in the way we look, pressuring us to emulate sixteen-year-old models on the covers of magazines

And girls, we need to spoil ourselves with facials, massages, and just doing nothing but hanging out with friends. According to Dr. Christine Northrup, when women are relaxed and having fun, we actually make more money. So, having fun and being happy is how we become successful. We don’t need to be follow the sacrificial model of women; we can create the lives we want. After all, we want our daughters to get in touch with their fun side. How will they do that without any role models?

Asking for support

Women are not accustomed to asking for support. Much of the time, we feel we need to take on the world all on our own. Add to that being a mother, and we wonder how we can possibly relax and enjoy motherhood when we are sleep deprived.

One of the reasons I started my coaching company was that I wanted women to have fun and easier lives. I knew it could be done. I knew there was a way. And I hope that on International Women’s Day, you too will believe that you deserve to be supported and will let yourself have that support.

We also need to be the desire queens that we were meant to be. We need to connect with our little-girl dreamy parts that want to be loved and cherished. We need to trust a little more each day. This is not always easy, but it is possible. We need to accept our limitations and those of others. And we need to get comfortable asking men for support. This doesn’t have to be the kind of support they are not naturally good at. It could be financial support or whatever they love to give us.

We have a choice

At a young age, little boys are taught to shut down their emotional side. And little girls are taught to shut down their voices. What kind of planet would we have if little girls were not afraid of their voices, were not afraid of being heard? And if little boys worked and played without losing their emotional side? We want to teach the next generation that it is indeed fun to be a woman or a man in this age.

Women can choose to stay with either their masculine or feminine energy. I hope that together we can create the kind of existence where we have a choice. That’s why I run coaching groups where women come together to support and remind each other how beautiful and worthy they are. Once we are accepted by our fellow women, our goddess energy shines forth, and that in turn helps men step up to take care of us. Yes, men are typically more logical and need to be taught their emotional side, but we women are often too busy to stay connected to our emotions, and that stops us from asking men to help us with our emotional needs. Although we cannot be responsible for what men can or cannot give us, we can always ask. The Bible says, “Ask and it shall be given.” Who knows what kind of future awaits us once we learn to ask for what we want.

A journey of the soul

The only way we can succeed on this journey is to open our hearts, heal our wounds, and feel compassion for ourselves so that we can forgive others. We can’t do this all in one sitting. This is not an intellectual journey. It is a journey of the soul. We must heal at the cellular level. We must listen to our inner wisdom. When we are like a machine, busy and producing, we can’t hear the whispers of the soul.

My hope for International Women’s Day is that every woman on the planet will receive help toward her goal of love, healing, and happiness.

By accepting ourselves unconditionally, we can contribute to eradicating the many wars in the world. Wars begin at an individual level. The better we handle the wars within us, the more we can contribute to resolving the wars around us. Once we begin to honour our feminine energy, the rest of the world will step forward and honour our feminine wisdom too.

Finding balance

Being feminine is all about being godlike, inspirational, patient, and forgiving. Being masculine is about competition, confidence, protection, and commitment. In this beautiful time of spiritual evolution, many men are getting in touch with their feminine essence. And how we women love them! Many women too are in touch with their masculine energy and producing a lot. And how we love to be one of them! It’s about finding balance and asking yourself why you are in the kind of energy you choose to be in at any given moment.

In the western world, our focus is on producing. We work to support our consumerist philosophy, which encourages us to want more and more. We have too much stuff, most of which we don’t use, and not enough time for our families. We have created a political and social system that does not support or value time with family. In the dictionary of economics, there is no dollar value put on the job of raising children. When we fail to honour the job of raising the next generation, we can expect—and deserve—many social problems. We must deal with the cause, not the symptoms.

Making our wishes come true

Mothers of young children should be given the choice of working or not working. They should feel safe enough to spend time with their children without worrying where the money is coming from. A mom at my son’s school was sharing with us how she wished her new employer would give her a position closer to her children’s school. I said to her, “I wish for the day when it will be mandatory for employers to give jobs to moms close to their children’s school.” All of the moms nodded in agreement. Wishing is a good thing; making those wishes come true is a goal we can all work on together.

When governments cut social funding, businesses are rarely affected. The people most affected are single moms. Again, we need to deal with the root cause of the problem. We need to honour mothers so that they can feel safe enough to love and cherish their children. They should not be left without options, living from paycheque to paycheque.

Never forget to have fun

If you would like to learn more about masculine and feminine energies, as well as about the new kind of feminine men (and the mothers who raise them), call me for a complimentary session. I would love to share with you how to get in touch with your healthy masculine energy. Produce, have a career! But not at the expense of your feminine essence. Most of all, be a woman who never forgets to have fun. If mothers have fun while raising their daughters, then those daughters too will be fun queens when they grow up. Good karma will be repaid to me one day when my son can hope to meet one of these girls—a girl who actually feels it is fun to be a girl in this day and age. All these kids who are loved will attract other kids who are loved, and we will all live on a happier planet. This is another reason why I support and love all the moms out there. A bit selfish perhaps, but a good reason nevertheless!

Zahra is a Professional Coach and Abundance Expert. She works with female creative entrepreneurs to help them market their businesses by taking internally inspired actions. Zahra helps women connect with their inner abundance to create outer results. Zahra believes that women, through their feminine essence, can be truly successful in life and business. Using the principles of Law of Attraction, Zahra teaches women how to get in touch with their passionate inner feminine wisdom and create effortlessly abundant lives. To watch Zahra speak about 'the power of gratitude,' visit To book a complimentary coaching session give Zahra a call at 604.582.7759 or visit our web at


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