What is the Recession trying to teach you?

Did you know that HALF of the co's on the 2009 Fortune 500 list were launched during economic downturns. The recession is here to help us evaluate our choices and the way we do business. Making profit and taking endless actions without connecting with our divine feminine wisdom is not working.

It is no longer simple to create success from the masculine model of business alone. We need to step into new ways of being in business that combine our feminine intuitive skills with masculine traits to create success.

I have spoken to many people who have found blessings in the recession. Some were in dead-end job and didn’t have courage to leave. They are now expressing their talents in their creative life work. Others are looking at the areas of life they may have ignored due to their participation in the rat race.

I would encourage you to not let the news scare you and freeze in fear. This is the best time to take bold steps toward creating your dream. Whenever nature destroys something, it always gives birth to something bigger and better. The reason we are facing recession is so that we can tap into easier ways of creating a living.

There are many creative entrepreneurs who are making more money now than ever. If you are a creative entrepreneur, this is your time to step towards your big vision. As a creative entrepreneur, you have feminine qualities in abundance. It would be crazy to not utilize the feminine qualities of creativity, receptivity, manifesting and magnetizing.

If you feel that you possess primarily masculine success qualities, such as taking many actions and working hard, then you will benefit greatly from tapping into your inner feminine wisdom. Learn to use it to create the lifestyle that will bring you abundance and joy – with ease. It is time to stop working too hard!

If you feel "ENOUGH already!" (enough doing it the hard way, enough doing it alone, enough playing small and safe) then it is time. Time to step into your big vision - with big impact and big success!


Zahra is a Professional Coach and Abundance Expert. She works with female creative entrepreneurs to help them market their businesses by taking internally inspired actions. Zahra helps women connect with their inner abundance to create outer results. Zahra believes that women, through their feminine essence, can be truly successful in life and business. Using the principles of Law of Attraction, Zahra teaches women how to get in touch with their passionate inner feminine wisdom and create effortlessly abundant lives. To watch Zahra speak about 'the power of gratitude,' visit To book a complimentary coaching session give Zahra a call at 604.582.7759 or visit our web at

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