Spring is here. Flowers are blossoming in our garden, the sun is shining, and beautiful birds are chirping in the backyard. Can you also feel the energy of letting go of the old and making space for the new? I have so much to welcome into my life. I am scheduled to speak for a blog radio interview for Entrepreneurial women, details coming up soon!

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I have also been invited to a coaching school to do in-person coaching for their graduates. A lot of great stuff is happening in my business that is allowing me to follow my passion in supporting women to create abundant lifestyles by leveraging their time in their businesses.

How To Create Abundance When There Is Only One Of You And Only 24 Hours In A Day

Even after making space for new opportunities, it can often seem overwhelming to find the time to achieve our goals, especially considering that there is only one of us, and so many things to get done. I am here to tell you it is possible to create abundance of income without compromising the time you spend with friends, family, and your responsibilities as a business owner.

How can this be achieved? - By serving your clients in multiple ways.

One way to serve your clients is to create products from which they can attain tips. This enables you to serve a large number of people who may not be able to afford a higher level of your service at that time. But by exposing them to your products, you allow them to get to know the quality of your work, before they invest in a more in depth program with you. Check out my product page HERE for more details.

Another way to serve your clients is to provide group coaching programs. These programs can be taught via teleclass on a conference line where 5 or more people join in to learn about your expertise and services. The sessions can range anywhere from around $300 per person to $5000 for high end programs that include in-person retreats. Stay tuned for a group coaching program opening up soon…

Another income source could be private one-on-one coaching for selective people who want to experience your services one-on-one. You can create different packages for various levels of support according to the individual needs of each client. You could offer V.I.P coaching days, or for quick support you could also create one session in which clients can sample your services while resolving a most pressing need in their business. This could, and very often does, lead to future rewards for your business and for the client as well. Another option is to create longer term packages for those wanting to commit to a 4-6 month period. To learn more about my private package visit click here.

The last tip is not to charge by dollar per hour. Think like an entrepreneur and charge for the value your clients receive compared to the hours they work with you. I had a client who cut her working time to one-third of what it had been previously, and she tripled her income. Imagine the value of what she received by changing her business model, and how much revenue she would continue to generate with this approach.

All of this may seem difficult to do when there is just one person - you - involved in creating these spaces and opportunities and services. But there is more than just you if you change your approach. Rather than taking on all the tasks yourself, hiring support and delegating to others the responsibilities that you don’t like to do, or don’t need to do in your business, can be very productive, for everyone involved. I will be providing more details on 'creating support' in an upcoming article.

Finally, remember that you can also share your services via free ezines, teleclasses and workshops in order to make your products known and allow yourself to serve more clients.


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Zahra Efan – Professional Coach and Abundance Expert

Zahra passionately supports heart-centered, spiritually oriented, creative female entrepreneurs market their businesses with authenticity and integrity. She works with those who desire to share their own powerful messages with the world including coaches, artists, healers, writers, filmmakers and designers among others. Zahra combines her marketing experience with her intuition and teaches women how to get in touch with their inner feminine wisdom and source of personal abundance to create the outer result of an effortlessly abundant life. Zahra is a published author who has written extensively on the principles of abundance including her e-book The Power of Gratitude. She has appeared on TV and given many keynote speeches. She enjoys working with clients one-on-one, in groups and through tele-classes available worldwide.

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