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January 2015

Happy 2015!

First week being back at work last week after the holidays, I was so happy when I got the copies of International best seller book I co-authored with several others in the mail. Although, it was a surprise, in the big scheme of things it was also perfect timing to get this book at this stage in my life and business. What I have noticed is that the more I align with who I am internally and continue to take steps from that place of inner alignment, the more things start lining up in the right order. This year is perfectly flowing forward from the seeds I planted last year. I am going to share a few tips with you on how to consistently attract your dreams despite the challenges and lessons life throws sometimes.

How to Have An Abundantly Successful 2015

To have an abundantly successful 2015 and also in the years following, you need to start with honouring the fabulous YOU. You are your best resource, and your business grows in equal proportion to your growth as a person.

You will realize that you love the money your business makes, the recognition and all the awards, but what is most soul satisfying is the person you are becoming and the way you handle things as you grow. Your old patterns will no longer have a hold on you. You will do things differently and you will walk your talk naturally. I will share a few steps on how to make sure you are growing despite any challenges.

Develop Self-Trust

If I could sell this one tip like a genie in the bottle and give it to everyone I come in contact with, I know everyone I meet would be successful. There is so much hype out there about what it means to be successful. There are promises of making millions in a day. I would say, ‘stop.’ First, listen to yourself. Decide in advance what you want to create, what kind of lifestyle you want and what does it mean to you to make a million dollars and at what pace. Once you quiet down enough and listen to your inner authority, you will have a sense of peace that you have never experienced before and you will feel like a million dollars even before you make a million dollars, which in turn will bring you a million dollars, if that is one of your goals.

Value Yourself

My clients gladly pay me 10k for my platinum style packages and thank me for working with them. I am not telling you this to brag at all. I am telling you this because there was a time I struggled to get a client at the base coaching price of $300 per month. I didn’t value myself. I thought if I could make the money, I will then treat myself well. It doesn’t quite happen in that order. We need to start valuing ourselves before we make the money. I am not talking about buying a $2,000 handbag, although, it isn’t a bad goal. (I remember when I had the courage to pay that much for a handbag and how it felt.) I am talking about basic self-care. Self-nourishment by eating a good meal or taking a long walk and dressing in a way that makes you feel good, has to start before you make the money you want to make. How can we expect anyone to value us if we don’t value ourselves by giving ourselves what is so easily available to us in abundance. Your value starts with YOU and how you treat yourself. Your clients will pay you in exact proportion to the value you communicate to them energetically. When you are on stage, speaking at a tele-summit or writing a newsletter, how you treat yourself comes across through all venues of communication. Clients can pick up on that. There may be some people who are making money but not treating themselves well. THAT my friend is NOT abundance. If you want to feel abundant, you need to start from inside out.

Dare to Do It

You thought I was going to skip the doing part :-) After all the self-care and self-value, if you continue to dwell in fear, things will not move forward. One of the ways to take care of yourself and build your self-esteem is to overcome your internal barriers. Dare to take risks. Creation is a beautiful risk and you need to take that risk. Putting your dreams on hold, not taking inspired actions keeps you trapped in questioning your self-worth. You cannot know your self-worth until you try and test out your ideas. One of the reasons people don’t try is because they are afraid of failing. However by failing, facing rejection and getting up again, one realizes that it really isn’t the end of the world. If one person has said ‘no,’ to their services, there are billion of other people on the planet that will say ‘yes'. You will need to figure out how to reach those people, who those people are and invest in support so that you are not doing it alone. It takes courage to ask for and invest in support. It also communicates self-value.

With excellent self-care practices in place, you can take risks while loving yourself so that the world doesn’t miss out on your brilliance.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these tips and which one of the above tips you are already implementing.

To Your Abundant Success,


Zahra Efan - Professional Coach and Abundance Expert

Zahra supports women business owners to create income breakthroughs in their business working 20 hours or less. Being a wife and a mother of two very active boys, Zahra knows first handidly the importance of having a life that supports her priorities. She supports her clients in creating a business that honours their priorities and lifestyle. Her clients cut down their working hours while still increasing their income.

Zahra is well known for teaching her clients to connect with their inner wisdom to create outer results. Her money breakthrough private retreat has helped many of her clients breakthrough their inner money barriers to create outer abundance easily. Zahra has written for many well know magazines including aspire in the same issue as Debbie Ford. She is also a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and has appeared on TV as well as given talks on many many telesummits world wide. She works privately with selective clients.

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