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September 2014

I didn't know I could go on a date with...

Fall has officially started here in BC. We had teachers strike so the schools are opening 3 weeks later than usual, which made me feel we were still on summer schedule with children being home. I am immensely grateful to have a business that supports my lifestyle. It is wonderful to have resources and the ability to stay with my children when they need me to.

When we are clear on our priorities, it becomes easier to say ‘yes,’ to what is important and ‘no’ to what isn’t. To celebrate an official entry into my office, I bought myself these beautiful flowers to display on my desk while I welcome this beautiful period of business, business with school routines, packing lunches, dropping and picking up kids, evening activities such as soccer and making healthy delicious meals for us.

I am aware that to support my lifestyle, I need to  keep the rhythm of my workday that would energize me so that I can show up for my life that my business had allowed me to create feeling full from my work day instead of feeling tired. Even if you have already started this quarter, I would still encourage you to take some time off and have a date with your business. Yes, a date. A kind of date you would have with someone you really love.

Really, really get into that flirtatious energy with your business. Be really cool, casual, sexy and fun like with your business. Bringing in that sensual energy of your feminine into your business will open up the ideas from the deep core of your being and you will be surprised how fun this date can be with your business.

Think about the things you would do on a date. Choose a beautiful setting for this date. You could go to a park, your favourite cafe or even to a library. We have a beautiful library in our neighborhood with a fireplace and flower arrangements and comfy coaches, so I love to work from there.

If you need a journal to write down the ideas, pick a really nice one. If you like markers to draw the ideas take them with you. If you prefer to take your laptop, do that. Once you have all your supplies ready, I want you to wear something that makes you feel wonderful. Remember, you are connecting with your inner sensual beauty to appreciate yourself so that this date is a beautiful experience for you.

After you settle in and get comfy with your business. I want you to spend some time asking your business: "What would you like me to give birth to in this quarter?" "What would make you energize, happy and abundant?" Really, really reflect on it. To get a second date with someone, you wouldn’t rush them. Similarly, give your business, your being side, some space, the love and nurturing it needs to speak to you, especially if you have never done this, it will take some time before your business believes you that you are serious about having fun in your business.

Some of the questions you could ask your business after it opens up to you can be: What one marketing activity could I choose that will take me closer to the income I would like to make and the impact I want to make? And then to build trust with your date, really, really promise your business that you will create spaciousness to make room for that one goal, one marketing activity. Remember, it should be something you feel passionate about and also is a little bit of a stretch because excitement, adventure, taking risk is all a part of being successful at dating, right?

For example, my goal in this quarter is to do more videos to service my newsletter community and with this goal in mind, I have learned the most easiest and efficient way to do that. I would encourage you to pick the one that really energizes you and something that you have been wanting to do for a while and give yourself permission to do just that.

I would also like you to ask your business: "What would feel easy and natural to create?"

Once you have answers to these questions, I would like you to now schedule your calendar with the activities you would like to do. I am hoping you have already scheduled in your personal activities including time with friends, family, fun stuff you want to do. If you haven’t already, then stop now and first schedule in your life activities. Yes, your business is here to help you create an abundant life, and whatever abundance mean to you, has to be scheduled so that the abundant life experiences you have chosen to enjoy keep you passionate and excited to create an even abundant business.

And now from the same place of fun, flirtatious and sensual energy, I would like you to schedule in your business activities. You could include the clients you would like to work with and draw or write their characteristics in your journal of your favorite clients. You could pencil in the money, you would like to make. You could also schedule in from where that money will come from and what is the most easiest energizing way to create that money.

Have fun with this and let me know how did the date go!

To Your Abundant Success,

Zahra Efan

Zahra Efan - Professional Coach and Abundance Expert

Zahra supports women business owners to create income breakthroughs in their business working 20 hours or less. Being a wife and a mother of two very active boys, Zahra knows first handidly the importance of having a life that supports her priorities. She supports her clients in creating a business that honours their priorities and lifestyle. Her clients cut down their working hours while still increasing their income.

Zahra is well known for teaching her clients to connect with their inner wisdom to create outer results. Her money breakthrough private retreat has helped many of her clients breakthrough their inner money barriers to create outer abundance easily. Zahra has written for many well know magazines including aspire in the same issue as Debbie Ford. She is also a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and has appeared on TV as well as given talks on many many telesummits world wide. She works privately with selective clients.

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