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December 2014

Don't forget to do this before 2015

One of the rituals I do before a new year starts is let go. I have always believed that success is not about adding on, it is about letting go. Letting go of what you don’t need, letting go what you can’t do, letting go of what didn’t work so that you can create space for new to enter.

I am going to suggest going deep into your psychic and letting go of parts of you that are holding you back.

As reflecting deeply on my life purpose, I started to think about how did I tap into my purpose and I remembered a painful time from my memory bank.

It was a time when I didn’t have anything to hang onto. No ego identities were working for me. My relationships were a mess, my finances, my sense of self was all shaken by the circumstances of my life at the time.

I made a decision at that time that I was going to be independent and discover my life purpose. Discovering what I was doing on this planet became the focus of my life. I felt that will be something I could call my own. My life purpose and my independence will save me, I thought. If I stood on my feet, no one could ever hurt me again.

Yes, and No. I did find my life purpose. I Love what I do today. But looking back, I needed to face both polarities. The opposite side of independence is dependence. To live successfully in life, we need to be independent and also depend on other people. We need to learn to give and receive.

To succeed in business, if we are coming merely from depending on ourselves alone, the cost is great.

To have a lifestyle business, we may need a help of an assistant so that our business runs smoothly without working really hard. To learn new skills and monetize our passion, we may also need the help of a great coach.

In the area of personal self care, we might need a housekeeper, a baby sitter, a grocery shopper, and a massage therapist. We are always circulating services, giving and receiving in the cycle of life. Looking back, I can see how desire to be independent was holding me back from receiving.

Once I made that connection. I hired a coach. I always work with a coach. I started working with an assistant. I hired a joint venture Manager during my big campaigns and I created systems so that I never have to go to grocery store again. My life has changed tremendously since then.

As I enter the New Year, and I have big dreams for 2015, I continue to look at where else can I let go and let others contribute to my life so that I can create the success I desire with east.

Having a chef to cook for our family is definitely on my list of things to do. What about you? What support systems and structures do you need to add in your life so that you can enjoy the abundance your business is helping you create.

I would love to hear, and if you need help finding out how to create a lifestyle business with ease, apply for a session to speak with me at

You may need help creating more income so that you can hire help, or you may need to create ease and simplicity in your marketing so that you are not running around doing too many things. Whatever it is you desire, you need to be willing to give yourself a gift of receiving help first!

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Zahra Efan - Professional Coach and Abundance Expert

Zahra supports women business owners to create income breakthroughs in their business working 20 hours or less. Being a wife and a mother of two very active boys, Zahra knows first handidly the importance of having a life that supports her priorities. She supports her clients in creating a business that honours their priorities and lifestyle. Her clients cut down their working hours while still increasing their income.

Zahra is well known for teaching her clients to connect with their inner wisdom to create outer results. Her money breakthrough private retreat has helped many of her clients breakthrough their inner money barriers to create outer abundance easily. Zahra has written for many well know magazines including aspire in the same issue as Debbie Ford. She is also a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and has appeared on TV as well as given talks on many many telesummits world wide. She works privately with selective clients.

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