March 2013

Are they getting to you?

When we are going towards they journey of success, sometime we trigger other people. They see their unlived potential in us, and if they are afraid to express their own potential, they discourage, or even attempt to hurt us with their comments. Underneath it all is their own desire to express themselves. I remember once I did a campaign where I had a deadline for people to sign up for a course. I got a very angry email from someone saying that she was fed up with being manipulated by people with deadlines. It puts pressure on her that if she doesn't sign up for something, she would have missed the chance. I politely replied to her saying that it wasn't my intention to manipulate her, I had to put a deadline for people who are ready for the course, and are sitting on the fence due to fear.

Having a deadline helps them step up to commit to their growth. I don't want them to prolong their pain; I want them to commit to themselves. I also acknowledged her fear, and told her that she can trust that when she is ready, she will attract the right opportunities for her, and she doesn't need to feel pressured. She got back to me saying that she was sorry, and that she just moved, and doesn't have a lot of money and feels frustrated as a result.

The reason I was able to handle it as well as I did was because I know the bigger purpose of my work. I truly want to help people. I want them to get to a place of financial freedom and enjoy the abundance life has to offer. If I wasn't clear on my purpose and thought my work was taking away something from them, it would have thrown me off balance. I encourage you to get clear on the bigger purpose of your wor,k so that no comments can throw you off balance.

I can assure you, whenever you examine the negative comments of others closely it is always something to do with the other person, and rarely anything to do with you. At the beginning, when we are questioning our value, those comments can really hurt. Once we get confident in what we have to offer, we see those comments for what they are - someone seeing in us what they are afraid to express in themselves, and trying to hurt us because we are doing what they are still afraid to do.

If we don't release the emotional charge that is created by these comments, it can paralyze us to move forward and express our potential. It can stop us from doing the good work we are here to do. Therefore, it is important to let go of these comments completely from our systems. Here's some tips on how release emotionally charged comments:

  • Ask yourself: is what this person is saying really true? Is there a part of me that feels truth in the way I am being judged? Am I questioning my value? Are they showing me that I am questioning myself? Do I have a fear of charging for my value and they are simply being a mirror? If so, then get clear about your value. Look at how far you have come. Look at the difference you have made in the lives of others, and connect with your self-worth and value.

  • Feel the hurt made by their comment. Feel it in your body then release the emotion and connect with the higher purpose of what you are doing. Once you neutralize the energy and discharge it, you will feel much better. Connect with the difference you want to make, and the people you want to help with your work. Don't let one person's comments discourage you from shining the light you are meant to shine. All great people were ridiculed for their courage. Oprah Winfrey was taken to court for expressing her opinions at her talk show. Look at people who had courage to keep expressing their brilliance, despite of the opinions of others.

  • Remember that to neutralize the energy of one negative comment, you need to fill your cup with a lot of positive comments. Look at your accomplishments, and how far you have come to build yourself back up. Don't allow their comments to continue to drain your energy and rob you of your self esteem.

  • Bless them, then release them and let them go. Say a prayer: 'Dear God, I let this person go from my life with love, knowing that they did the best they could. I claim my own brilliance and light knowing that when I shine my light, I give other people the permission to shine theirs. Amen'

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