Are you listening to them?

When we are in business for ourselves, we always need to rely on our inner motivation, but our inner voices of ‘not enough,’ sometimes get a hold of us. Are you listening to those voices and letting them rob of your precious time and energy?

I still suffer from these voices in every stage of growth. The only difference is that now I know how to tame those voices better than I did at the beginning. As my business grows and I am not able to work with everyone anymore on a one-on-one basis, I decide to grow my reach by producing products that can help people on a larger scale. I had a friend over for coffee at my house the other day. She suggested that I produce CD’s of the audio talks I have done over the years. I right away went into excuses such as "they are stand alone CD’s" and "I need a sequence to them." Underneath it all was "if it is enough, do I need to do more for my CD’s to look good?" 

And while I was questioning the value of my CD’s, I get this email from a past client who is the CEO of Solo-E and very business savvy.

"Hi Zahra, just wanted to tell you that although it's taken me several years to fully absorb your advice, I'm finally taking better care of myself and I'm seeing the results in my business as well as in my life! I must have listened to that first recording so many times that if it had been a physical tape, I'd have worn it out. So, a belated thank you. [[hugs]]"

- Terri McMahon Zwierzynski, CEO, Solo-E

It was the confirmation I was looking for that my work is great and I need to help more people. At the beginning of your business, you may not yet get that outer affirmation. You'll need to rely on yourself to tame those negative voices, but I know from experience that over time, there is a power greater than yourself that starts to support your mission and vision. That same power is supporting you at the beginning as well, but you may not be ready to listen yet.

Another story I want to share about that voice of 'not good enough' is what I read when I was at the hairdresser. I picked up a fashion magazine that had an interview with Merdith Vieira from Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Meredith shared in that interview that she pushes herself to do well because she is afraid she will be found out that she isn’t good enough. The part of herself that doesn’t feel good enough drives her to keeps on achieving.

That interview made it clear to me that no matter how successful you are, unless you tame your inner critic, you will continue to rob yourself of the joy of self-acceptance and self-love.

Here are three steps you can take to tame those voices:

  • Have a support network of your admirers. Your work needs nurturing, safety, and praise while you are putting it out there. Create a team of friends and let their voices support you. You can train them about the kind of feedback you need. At the beginning of my business, I would never share my work with my husband as I wasn't ready for his direct guy kind of feedback. I would share with fellow coaches. I knew I was too close to my work and all I needed was positive feedback until I was ready for more.
  • Do not compare your work with anyone.  This is the hardest one for most people, but remember there is no one like you. No one has same challenges, same strengths and same talents. It is a waste of your time comparing your work with others. Let the success of others inspire you to move forward. Do not let it deplete you by making you feel less.
  • Take care of your energy. Do not allow external forces rob you of your precious time and energy. You are in control of how much time you give in to the external voices and how much time you can give to your own intuition and inner-knowing. Spend time alone and only allow things into your life that inspire you.


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Zahra Efan - Professional Coach and Abundance Expert

Zahra Efan supports holistic female business owners' breakthrough six figures in their businesses. After having experienced a lot of success in her business including a TV interview, writing for many well known magazines and being interviewed by well known names, Zahra went through a period of burn out and overwhelm. She decided to completely unplug from her business and took time to listen to her life and her business. As difficult as it was, she said no to many opportunities during that time.

As a result, after taking two months off, she returned to work and with just one interview that her soul said "yes" to. She made 10k within two days, and since then she continues to increase her income every month. Zahra teaches holistic business owners how to say "yes" to selective opportunities and make six figures working 20 hours or less.

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