My client Penny flew over from Ontario and we met at Delta Suites, Vancouver for our Abundant Money Retreat. We did very deep inner work to help Penny transform her relationship with money. In this photo, Penny is holding her money type card which is LOVE. Knowing your Money Type can help you create authentic relationship with money based on who you are.

Zahra and Penny

What is Your Money Type?

During the 4 hour V.I.P retreat, one of things I help my clients identifying is their money type. There are five dominant needs that trigger one to make money decisions. The most dominant need that is triggering them to make money decisions is their Money Type. We then work together to help come up with a plan so that they don’t get triggered by their money need and instead make money decisions from an empowering place to create wealth for themselves.

There are five money types. Love, Recognition, Status, Security and Value. One of these five needs is most triggered when it comes to making money decisions.

In this issue, I will talk about LOVE. If you money type is love, then your deepest desire is to belong. If you are not aware of this desire,

  • You can spend money unconsciously because you want everyone to like you.
  • You can also spend money to belong, to please or feel similar to other.
  • You avoid knowing how much you spend or have in debt

Love Money types are often described as “all heart” because of their ability to give and receive love. Money isn’t something they feel emotionally connected to.

The key for them is to:

  • Pay off all credit card balances in full each month which will support them in creating a connection to and relationship with money
  • Surround themselves with people who celebrate and appreciate them just as they are.
  • Give their time(not money) regularly to others in need so they feel appreciated(ideally as a part of an organization so that they feel a sense of belonging)

During the V.I.P retreat with my clients we go deeper with the Money Type cards. They also get a beautiful card with their money type so that they can look at it every day with to implement and practice their empowering money affirmations, new beliefs and action steps.

In next issue, I will speak about another money type. If you would like to apply for a Money V.I.P day, I have only two spots open for the month of October. Money V.I.P day can be done virtually over the phone or in-person.

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