I had an awesome V.I.P Day with my client at the Sheraton Guildford in Surrey.

When doing internal work with my clients to help them create external results, I am continually amazed at the outcomes. By clearing internal obstacles, these clients allow the path to success to become simpler and quicker.

I believe that we are all born with this potential to bring forth who we are. Somewhere along the way in our lives, however, we adapt to the conditioning of those around us and start hiding our true identity. The real magic is in exploring and embracing who we are when we first came to this planet so that we can get in touch with our natural gifts and share them with others to make a difference in the world. When we share our essence in our marketing, clients are naturally drawn to us.

Here is a photo of my client Rosalyn and I after the retreat. Rosalyn is holding her money archetype card which is ‘Love’.


Rosalyn demonstrated the courage to access her magic. She discovered that what she needed the most was ‘love’, and so she worked on clearing energy that was standing in her way of what she wanted. And in so doing, she also let go of the contracts that no longer served her. Although the intention of these contracts was love for others, Rosalyn realized she needed to have self-love as her first goal. This allowed her to give herself the permission to take care of the self first and foremost. Now, with new decisions and contracts formed to make herself a first priority in her life, she is on her way to creating more income.

Rosalyn also discovered that when we can let go of the emotional charge around debts, it becomes easier to clear the physical manifestation of it. When clearing her family’s money legacy and creating one of her own, Rosalyn formulated particular affirmations that will help her move forward in her business. She has written them on a large sheet of paper and posted them in her office to serve as a visual reminder of what is her new focus. We all have a unique, family money blueprint; therefore, we all have individual affirmations specifically designed for our own clearing process. Here is a poster of Rosalyn’s affirmations.

Rosalyn signed up for a four month platinum program with me and I am really excited to support her in creating the business of her dreams. I am really proud of her courage to be willing to do the work she is doing.

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The complimentary session is meant to be a means to explore if you would like to work together in a V.I.P day setting. It is recommended, therefore, that you only request a session if you currently have the resources or desire to invest in your business.

What is a V.I.P. Day?

Just like any other in-person retreat experience, we create ‘4 hours of transformational money experience,’ over the phone or in-person if you live locally. Some of my clients also travel to Vancouver for a V.I.P Day with me. By the end of our 4 hour one-on-one time, you will walk away with new tools, strategies and a-ha’s to increase your income right away. You will also get all the templates and handouts that we use during the exercises.

It is truly a transformational experience to go through the depths of your relationship with money. Read the following articles that I wrote for more information on relationships with money.

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