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January 2014

Slow Down in 2014 so that you can go faster

It sounds counter intuitive to say 'slow down' in order to go fast. Let me share more.

Towards the last quarter of 2013, I felt really tired so I made a decision to unplug entirely during the holidays and here is what I learned that is going to help me go faster in 2014 by first slowing down. I share my experience so that you too can benefit from my mistakes.

We are always bombarded with the messages to push harder in order to move ahead. Although, I know from my personal experiences that women work best when they are deeply rested, nurtured and are in their extreme self-care. That is when their intuition is heightened. However, during the last quarter of the year, I forgot to take my own advice.

When I announced my abundance telesummit in September with speakers who are making multi six figures in their businesses, I was excited. Summit went really well, but instead of taking time to celebrate, I dove right into follow up.

My extremely sensitive system that doesn't like being scheduled all the time, shut down and I became tired. I lost interest in my business. You would think I would have learned my lesson and slowed down, instead I frantically started looking for an expert to tell me what was wrong with me. After all, my business is my passion, why was I not interested in my business.

Now, after really getting the lesson from this experience, Here is what I have decided to do moving forward. Focus on self-care in 2014 and let everything come from that deep place of being.

Here are the priorities to schedule for next week:

- Chiropractor Appointments
- Visits to the breathing centre to get help with my cluster headaches
- Get my dental care
- Order the kebabs to freeze for kids lunches (already ordered, picking up tonight)

And honour Business Priorites:
- A Radio Interview
- Supporting a Campaign for Rock the Stage Event

Since I work only 4 hours a day, after my working hours, the nurturing of children starts. Without the deep rest my body has been craving, the valuable task of raising my kids has felt like a chore. That is why I have made a decision to honour my feminine needs for self care so that I can serve my clients better. I have made a decision not to take on any new clients and focus on my self-care even during working hours until after the end of January. And check with my body after that what 'she' needs.

I am letting my business speak to me by slowing down to listen.

Here are few tips for you on slowing down:

  • Schedule a whole day off. No computer, no I-phone or email checking. Wake up and do whatever you feel like. If you feel like staying in your jammies, and look at your backyard or front window, do that. You would be surprised what you will learn.
  • When doing your calendar for 2014, have a lot of empty spaces of time to relax.
  • Surround yourself with beauty. Beauty heightens our senses and puts us in touch with our body. It could be spending time in nature or flowers on your desk or a beautiful scented bath so that your senses open up. When women over do, we shut down and our intuition cannot speak to us.
  • Delegate at least one task you are currently doing to someone else.
  • Invite in the vibration of trust and let go of your need to control your schedule.
  • Embrace your uncomfortable feelings. When you slow down, don't be surprised if you hear an inner voice that starts to tell you, 'you are not doing enough, you won't be as successful as all the other people. Your business will suffer if you don't work hard.' When you embrace these feelings, you will get to the root of your deeper feeling that is pushing you to do more, the voice of your 'not enough shadow voice' that is running the show. Underneath that voice is your heart, your soft self, your true essence that brings abundance of all kind to you, it's not driven by your fear, it is the voice of faith. Go hug it, be friends with it and see yourself prosper!

Zahra Efan - Professional Coach and Abundance Expert

Zahra supports women business owners to create income breakthroughs in their business working 20 hours or less. Being a wife and a mother of two very active boys, Zahra knows first handidly the importance of having a life that supports her priorities. She supports her clients in creating a business that honours their priorities and lifestyle. Her clients cut down their working hours while still increasing their income.

Zahra is well known for teaching her clients to connect with their inner wisdom to create outer results. Her money breakthrough private retreat has helped many of her clients breakthrough their inner money barriers to create outer abundance easily. Zahra has written for many well know magazines including aspire in the same issue as Debbie Ford. She is also a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and has appeared on TV as well as given talks on many many telesummits world wide. She works privately with selective clients.

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