Navigate Your Way to Love

The path to love, though fulfilling and well worth traveling, is not a simple one. Often, it takes a lifetime to navigate our way to true love for ourselves and those around us. Before we can reach the place of total love, sometimes we have to work through the feelings of hurt, pain, and disappointment.

On our path to love, we may encounter feelings that don’t feel like love. These feelings can stand in our way to experience true love. But it is the journey that counts, not the end result. As long as our intention is to ultimately experience love, we will find our way.

Learning to embrace feelings like anger, sadness, and hurt, and then healing and forgiving through them, will help us find love—and that is the ultimate journey of the soul. For example, it is quite possible to be angry at someone and still love things about them. What do we do then? Which feeling do we choose? Anger or love? Maybe both, until we are ready to choose only love. It is fine for us to hold all realities—anger, sadness, and love—at the same time, until we finally choose love. Experiencing it all is what makes us human. Remember that love is not absence of anger, sadness and hurt. It is indeed culmination of all feelings.

Making mistakes while loving is also part of being human. Remember, love is everything. Love can mean fear of rejection, yet hope for connection.

We are always surrounded by love. We need to be very quiet and listen to the sound of love. Sometimes, love whispers when the birds are chirping early in the morning, singing the praise of God who created the universe. At other times, we may find love while playing with young children.

Every day, we are given many opportunities to receive love. All we need to do is allow ourselves to feel it. Love doesn’t have to come only from a romantic partner. It can come in many ways and many forms. The mass media’s version of love, which often implies only romantic love, draws too much attention to marriage and romance—a fairy tale kind of existence. Love comes in many shapes, and at many different times in our lives.

If the love in our life right now is the love of a parent, a child, or a neighbour, then we need to embrace that love. By recognizing the love we already have in our lives, we become the love we want to create. When we become love, we cannot help but attract love, and then when we are least expecting it, romantic love, too, begins to find its place in our lives. When we are ready to be loved, love will appear. Sometimes, we just need to love ourselves a little more to let other people love and support us. It is important to start where we are comfortable. Ask somebody you are comfortable with for help. Look upon their gesture of help as a loving act toward you and build on that energy. You will be surprised how many people will step up to assist you in your path to love.

Zahra Efan is a Life and Success Coach who specializes in helping women achieve their dreams. To book a complimentary coaching session give Zahra a call at 604.582.7759 or visit our web at

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