Feeling Stuck? Then take some time off...

Last week, while I was working on a few new projects, I found myself getting stuck. I would sit in my office searching for a solution but would end up browsing the Internet, not accomplishing anything during the precious time I had set aside to complete the tasks.

Instead of trying to force a solution, I took the next couple of days off to spend time with a girlfriend. We went for a walk, had a pedicure, and just chatted and relaxed. While doing things that bring me joy (spending time with girlfriends always brings me joy!) instead of focusing on finding a solution, I was able to refocus my energy. My energy renewed itself, and my passion returned. The next day, I found myself really looking forward to getting back to work and actually enjoying it! Taking time off helps us shift our energies—and rejuvenate and refocus.


Zahra is a Professional Coach and Abundance Expert. She works with female creative entrepreneurs to help them market their businesses by taking internally inspired actions. Zahra helps women connect with their inner abundance to create outer results. Zahra believes that women, through their feminine essence, can be truly successful in life and business. Using the principles of Law of Attraction, Zahra teaches women how to get in touch with their passionate inner feminine wisdom and create effortlessly abundant lives. To watch Zahra speak about 'the power of gratitude,' visit To book a complimentary coaching session give Zahra a call at 604.582.7759 or visit our web at

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