Creating from Your Feminine Essence


Slow Down

Trust that everything happens for a reason. Pushing harder will not necessarily make things happen faster. Take the time to align your energy. Take action that is focused and internally inspired. These are the keys to creating an effortless life.

Inner Wisdom

Listen to your inner wise self instead of the external model of creating, which is usually masculine-based and doesn’t always work for women. When we get in touch with our intuition and take action from a place of trust and knowledge, we create better and faster results.


There is no rush! Women know that feminine energy is divine. Women can relax and trust, knowing that nature creates everything effortlessly. The sun shines effortlessly every day. We, too, can learn to tune in to the natural rhythms of the divine and create an effortless life.

Surround Yourself with Beauty

One of the ways to tune up your feminine sense is to surround yourself with beautiful things. Colours, nature, everything to do with creation can help us get in touch with our feminine essence.

Take a Break

When you are feeling stressed, de-focus for a while. Get away from what you are doing and go for a walk, spend time with your children, do something for fun. This way you will bring yourself back to the natural rhythm of your being.

Take a Deep Breath

Stay with your body and in the present moment. Nothing helps a woman get in touch with her inner wisdom better than being in touch with her body.

We need our masculine side to carry out certain tasks that we must do, but for those tasks that are born out of being in touch with our feminine essence, we will accomplish them with less effort and better results because of the ideas pouring in from divine wisdom!


Zahra is a Professional Coach and Abundance Expert. She works with female creative entrepreneurs to help them market their businesses by taking internally inspired actions. Zahra helps women connect with their inner abundance to create outer results. Zahra believes that women, through their feminine essence, can be truly successful in life and business. Using the principles of Law of Attraction, Zahra teaches women how to get in touch with their passionate inner feminine wisdom and create effortlessly abundant lives. To watch Zahra speak about 'the power of gratitude,' visit To book a complimentary coaching session give Zahra a call at 604.582.7759 or visit our web at

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